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Enjoy SeaWorld San Antonio for free


SeaWorld familyIn support of education, SeaWorld San Antonio is once again offering free admission all year to Texas preschool children and teachers.

Texas preschool children ages 5 and under are eligible for a free Preschool Card.

Texas credentialed Pre-K thru 12 teachers, as well as District staff with an employee ID, are eligible to receive a free Teacher Card.

Both cards provide unlimited admission to SeaWorld San Antonio throughout the 2023 season, and must be registered by March 31, 2023.   

To take advantage of the Teacher and Preschool Card offer, and for additional information, please visit:

Click on “Buy Now” button, and then Click on “Complimentary Teacher Card” or “Complimentary Preschool Card.” You must do this by March 31, 2023.