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Lawyer by trade, teacher by choice

Johnson teacher by choice A career in the criminal justice field comes in many titles, degrees and certifications. There’s much to consider before committing to becoming a lawyer, police officer or forensic scientist. It’s Bianca Edwards’ job to walk her Johnson High School students through their many options.

Edwards practiced law for five years before she found her calling in the classroom. Her background as an attorney gives her students an experienced sounding board to bounce questions and ideas off of.

“People see courts on TV and they think it’s fun and glamorous,” said Edwards. “That is not the background behind the court system and practicing as an attorney. It’s a lot of writing and a lot of reading and research. A lot of times, you have to figure something out and you don’t even know where to start.”

North East ISD Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses emphasize real-world application and tangible, hands-on learning opportunities. Edwards ensures they know what they’re getting into before they take the plunge. Principles of Law, Public Safety, Law Enforcement I and II and Corrections & Security include crime scene reporting, mock jury selections, a clear foundation and application of the law and even how to enter a room while clearing a building.

A little networking can go a long way. The criminal justice pathway connects students with real deputies, dispatchers, officers, lawyers and DPS troopers. Edwards says an inside perspective to what it takes to thrive in a criminal justice career can make all the difference.

“I never thought about FBI or CIA as a career, or court reporting or law enforcement,” said Edwards. “This course is meant to introduce them to careers and areas they’ve never considered before. As CTE teachers, we want to give them the information and certifications we can so they’ve got a leg up when they’re applying for jobs and internships.”

Edwards is hopeful she can add a new practicum course in the 2021-2022 school year, which includes an option for internships and even more hands-on learning opportunities.

From marketing to engineering, welding or culinary arts – there’s a Career & Technical Education (CTE) course for everyone at NEISD. CLICK HERE to learn more about the pathway options available to NEISD students.

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 2-9-21