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Roosevelt JROTC hosts leadership development camp

The Roosevelt High School Rough Rider Battalion’s incoming JROTC staff and leadership kicked off the year with a three-day leadership development camp that taught the new leaders everything they needed to know for the 2019-2020 school year, beginning the process of understanding and effectively performing the positions that were appointed.

“After the leadership training I felt I had a better grasp as to what my duties are as an S-2 assistant (military intelligence specialist),” said Cadet First Lieutenant Alexis Trotter. “That eased my mind on how my performance will be throughout the year.”

The battalion’s staff and leadership prepared for the upcoming year by forming the battalion’s mission statement and goals for the year. These cadets also partook in team building exercises in order to become a successful and well-functioning team.

“The training was very fun and intriguing; I got to bond with a lot of leadership,” said Cadet Captain Eunice Patton, “It was very eye opening on how I can be a better leader for the new year.”

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