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Reagan students win 2019 Barkitecture contest

Students in Reagan High School's construction program won 1st place in San Antonio's annual Bakitecture contest. The group was challenged to design and build the ideal home for man's best friend while raising money for various dog shelters in the city.

Nineteen students contributed to the Rattler Farm House, a spacious 21 square foot retreat with a barn-style design. The water supply feature stationed in the hayloft connects to the hose bib outside to add the convenience of filling the dog’s water bowl. A convenient storage container also houses ice to keep that water cool. The students also selected a high-quality walnut plank flooring that's easy to clean and requires no maintenance.

The exterior of the home was dressed with wood siding with tar paper and installation underneath to act as an extra level of protection against water infiltration and to keep it warm or cool during the changing seasons. The Rattle Farm House also includes two covered roof areas to provide shade, and a ramp to help older dogs or puppies get in and out with ease.

Reagan students win 2019 Barkitecture contest  Students work on the farmhouse style dog house

Congratulations to the Reagan Rattler team on their 1st place Barkitecture finish:

• Shawn Jensen - Reagan Construction Program Advisor
• Raymond Murphy - Team Leader/Carpenter/Painter/Framer
• Tyler Woods - Team Leader/Carpenter/Painter/Framer
• John Michael Brown - Finish Carpenter/Painter/Framer
• Oscar Lopez - Finish Carpenter/Painter
• Ian Short - Finish Carpenter/Painter
• Chase Haugland - Finish Carpenter/Painter/Framer
• Pete Ybarra - Finish Carpenter/Painter
• Charles Morris - Finish Carpenter/Painter
• Chase Richards- Finish Carpenter/Painter/Framer
• Wyatt Christilles -Finish Carpenter/Painter/Framer
• Aaron Hoffmann - Finish Carpenter/Painter/Framer
• Tyler Brode - Finish Carpenter/Painter/Framer
• Casey Sinnott - Finish Carpenter/Painter/Framer
• Kyle Ridenour - Finish Carpenter/Painter/Framer
• Alex Mencel - Artist
• Kamil Guerra - Artist
• Corinne Tendorf - Artist
• Henry Higgs - Finish Carpenter
• NEISD Career and Technical Education - Funding for materials
• Reagan High School SkillsUSA - Material donations

The 2019 Rattler Farm House  Reagan students with their completed dog house

The dog houses are auctioned off to raise money for local dog shelters  The final Barkitecture product

Posted on 4-18-19