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Asthma Forms

NEISD Asthma Awareness Education Program - Overview of the entire program found here. Resources for parents are also listed on this page - scroll to addtional resources. 

Asthma Action Plan - Asthma is a variable disease with symptoms occuring based on environmental exposure. The AAP is essential for managing this  disease.  This tool should be completed by your childs asthma physician.  A copy needs at be at home, at school, after school care, etc. so everyone is on the same page.

Asthma flares requiring a hospital or ER visit tend to spike in early-to-mid September. Why does it happen? How to be proactive and preventive to avoid a flare?  How to avoid the September Asthma Peak 


inhaler with spacer

Self Carry - Its the Law!  

The Self-Carryer also needs to be ready! NEISD wants to ensure all student self-carriers understand their individual disease, warning signs, proper use of medications, effective inhaler technique, etc.  which are all necessary to achieve and maintain asthma control.  

The Time-line to Self Carry is the process.  The campus nurse will work with your student on basic asthma knowledge during the 4th and 5th grade years as they visit the clinic.  (AIMS - Asthma: Incentivizing Management Skills). This will continue into middle school as the campus nurse moves the student to become more independent in the skills needed to improve their readiness to self-carry and self administer.  Students maturity levels will also be an indicator of readiness.

NEISD Authorization to Self-Carry and Student Agreement

Take this Self Assessment

American Lung Association Self-Carry, Self-Administer Assessment Tool (online assessment tool) 

NEISD Inhaler Self Carry Assessment Tool (printable assessment tool) 

Contact your child's campus nurse or Diane Rhodes, Asthma Educator at for information. 

 SA Metro Health Asthma Program 

Information and Referral form to take to your health care provider 

Consent form for school nurse take this to your campus nurse for referral process