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Placement Coordinator

Instructions for Placement Coordinators:

  1. Review District Guidelines for Field Experience, Student Teaching and Practicum
  2. Complete and gather the following required forms and submit them, along with your program description, to
    1. Program Profile NOTE: Please designate a single contact person
    2. Placement Request
    3. Student Teacher/Intern Agreement NOTE: Only required for student teacher and practicum placements. Human Resources will provide the template upon request
    4. Computerized Criminal History Verification Form (CCH) (pdf) (this step is not required for current employees)
  3. Review Program Timelines to assist us in accommodating requests in an efficient and timely manner.

Contact Us

New Talent Team at

America Gonzalez-Rosas
Human Resources Director of New Talent & Evaluations 
8961 Tesoro Drive
San Antonio, TX 78217


Isabel Chavez
New Talent Specialist 
8961 Tesoro Drive
San Antonio, TX 78217