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2011 North East ISD Bond

2011 Bond Program Summary Chart showing division: 67.9% Equity, 16.1% Growth, and 16% Technology and Library Services.

2011 Bond Program Summary

Funding by Bond Sales = $399,410,000

Bond Interest Earned Revenue Projection = $500,000

Total Bond Funding = $399,910,000


Bond Constructed Projects with Major Focus:

  • Growth: Constructed New Middle School (David Lee “Tex” Hill)
  • Land: No New School Sites were Purchased (3 Open Sites)
  • Portable Replacements Elementary Schools: Construct 3 Major Elementary School Classroom Additions (Camelot, Coker, and Windcrest) to Replace 58 Portable Classrooms
  • Portable Replacements Middle Schools: Construct 3 Major Middle School Classroom Additions (Eisenhower, Garner, and Nimitz) to Replace 34 Portable Classrooms
  • Portable Replacements High Schools: Construct 3 Major High School Classroom Additions (Lee, MacArthur, and Reagan) to Replace 34 Portable Classrooms
  • Science Program: Construct New Science Additions at 3 Campuses (Lee & Reagan High Schools and Nimitz Middle School)
  • STEM Program: Construct New STEM Program Addition at Nimitz Middle School to eliminate middle school student travel to STEM Program Facilities at Lee HS
  • Library Program: Construct New Libraries at 4 Campuses (Nimitz MS and Camelot, Coker, & Windcrest Elementary Schools)
  • Campus Support Facilities: Construct New Admin, Counseling, Clinic, and Special Education Program Areas at 4 Campuses (Nimitz MS and CamelotCoker, & Windcrest Elementary Schools)
  • Special Programs: Remove all Chalkboards District-wide and install New Dry-Erase Magnetic Marker Boards
  • Transportation: Purchase 100 New Buses to meet Student Population Growth (New Bus Routes) and Replace Aging Bus Fleet

Extracurricular Program:

  • Construct New Athletic Facility Additions & Renovations at 6 Campuses including: Lee, MacArthur & Reagan High Schools and Eisenhower, Nimitz, & White Middle Schools
  • Construct Sports Field Restrooms and Concession Stand Facilities at 6 Campuses including: Johnson, Lee, MacArthur, & Reagan High Schools and Eisenhower & White Middle Schools
  • Construct 2 New Tennis Courts at Churchill High School and 4  New Tennis Courts at Garner and Nimitz Middle Schools with Combination Basketball Courts
  • Constructed New Basketball Courts Area at White Middle School
  • Constructed Fine Arts Additions & Renovations at Churchill High School (Percussion Room Addition), Lee High School (Auditorium Lobby Addition), Garner Middle School (Art Room), and Nimitz Middle School (Orchestra Addition)
  • Install Sun Shade Structures at all Elementary School Playgrounds
  • Constructed New JROTC Facility Additions at 3 Campuses (Churchill, Lee, and MacArthur High Schools)
  • Provide Sports Floor for all Elementary School Gymnasium Areas to enhance Student Safety

Technology and Library Services:

  • Provide Technology Upgrades District-wide including both Infrastructure (MIS & Technology Services) and Instructional Equipment
  • Provide/Install Interactive SMART Boards in all District Classrooms (both Permanent and Portable)
  • Continue District-wide expansion of Campus Library Reading Collections, Digital Resources, On-Line Media Collections, and Reference Materials


2011 Bond Documents:

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