Dual Language

Two girls working together in the classroom
  • Welcome to Our Dual Language Program

    Our mission is to develop bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural students who are empowered to succeed. With our dual language program, students acquire proficiency and literacy in two languages while achieving grade level academic performance.

    Program Goals

    • Provide a K-12 dual language program for students
    • Maintain or exceed grade level academic achievement
    • Develop positive cross-cultural understanding and literacy in two languages

    Benefits for Students

    Our dual language program provides benefits such as:

    • Becoming fluent and literate in two global languages
    • Strengthening cultural awareness and cross-cultural competencies
    • Gaining problem-solving skills by learning across languages
    • Improving overall academic achievement across subjects

    Parents as Partners

    Parental participation is key to student success. Parents play an integral role by:

    • Enrolling students in the program from K through 12th grade
    • Encouraging and supporting proficiency in multiple languages
    • Reinforcing positive cultural awareness and competencies
    • Ensuring student attendance, punctuality and engagement

NEISD Language Programs

  • Dual Language Program Model

    Our dual language program follows an additive bilingual education model designed to enrich learning. Students utilize two languages to master the curriculum and amplify literacy.

    Two-Way Immersion Classes

    Our two-way immersion classes contain a split balance of native Spanish and native English speakers. This model promotes language modeling, cross-cultural appreciation, and high levels of proficiency.

    One-Way Immersion Classes

    Our one-way immersion classes are comprised of native Spanish speakers who wish to develop biliteracy.

    Valuing Native Languages

    We value the native language and culture of each student. Our goal is to treat all languages equitably while nurturing positive self-esteem.

    Achieving Bilingual Excellence

    Research shows our model leads to academic success. Students perform at or above grade level on assessments while attaining high levels of bilingual proficiency.

    Framework Design

    Our dual language program follows a 90/10 model. In early grades, students receive the majority of instruction in Spanish. This establishes primary literacy and subject matter competence in Spanish.

    Gradual Increase in English

    As grade levels progress, the amount of English instruction gradually increases each year. This allows students to transfer skills across languages while attaining fluency in both.

    Moving Towards Biliteracy

    This intentional design enables students to develop bilingual competence and multicultural appreciation from a young age, equipping them for excellence in school, career, and life.

    Program Model

    Our dual language program is modeled to utilize methods of research-based bilingual education and is designed in accordance to Chapter 89 Commissioner's rules.

    Identifying English Learners

    Potential English language learners are identified through mandated state assessments to determine program eligibility.

    Goals of Our Model

    Our program promotes bilingual education through:

    • Bilingualism - Proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening in two languages
    • Biliteracy - Ability to read and write effectively in two languages
    • Biculturalism - Appreciation and competence in dual cultures

    Wide Availability

    NEISD has 16 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, and 1 high school that offer our dual language program model. All students can participate by attending their assigned bilingual cluster school.

    Transportation Provided

    We provide transportation options for all participating dual language students across the district.

  • How to enroll in our Dual Language Program

    Follow these steps to enroll your student:

    Step 1: Attend an Information Session

    • Prospective families must attend a dual language information meeting
    • Sessions provide an overview of the program, its benefits, and how to apply
    • Contact your desired location as sessions are offered at all dual language schools

    Step 2: Schedule a Classroom Visit

    • Arrange a visit to observe the dual language setting at your desired campus
    • Must schedule visit ahead of time with campus

    Step 3: Complete District and School Enrollment

    • New students need to register with NEISD online
    • Follow up with home campus to submit any necessary documentation
    • Obtain signature from home campus data processor to verify registration completion

Dual Language Campuses

  • NEISD offers the Dual Language Program Model at 16 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, and 1 high school.

    Transportation will be provided for dual language enrollees from their home campus within the bilingual cluster boundaries. Transportation will not be provided for students who reside outside of the bilingual cluster boundaries.

Elementary schools

  • Coker
  • Colonial Hills
  • East Terrell Hills
  • El Dorado
  • Jackson-Keller
  • Larkspur
  • Oak Grove
  • Olmos
  • Regency Place
  • Ridgeview
  • Roan Forest
  • Stahl
  • Steubing Ranch
  • Stone Oak
  • Vineyard Ranch
  • Walzem

Middle schools

  • Bradley
  • Eisenhower
  • Garner
  • Lopez
  • Nimitz

High school

  • MacArthur