Dual Language

Two girls working together in the classroom

    To empower and develop bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural students.


    • Provide an opportunity for students to acquire a second language while maintaining their home language and culture.
    • Maintain academic performance at or above grade level as measured by classroom grades, benchmarks, and State Assessments.
    • Develop positive cross-cultural appreciation.

    Parent Involvement

    Parents are an integral part of the Dual Language Program. Model parents support by:

    • Participation in the program from kindergarten through high school;
    • Providing encouragement and support for biliteracy bilingualism, and biculturalism for their child;
    • Ensuring appropriate classroom behavior and the following NEISD Student Code of Conduct;
    • Ensuring the child's daily attendance and punctuality.

NEISD Language Programs

  • Program Design

    Dual language in NEISD in an enriched, additive, bilingual educational model.

    Two-way classes ideally will be comprised of one-half native Spanish speakers and one- half native English speaker.

    The one-way classes will be comprised of all native Spanish speakers.

    The native language and culture of each student is valued and treated equitably and therefore promotes positive self-esteem and leads to academic success.

    Research strongly suggests students perform at or above grade level on standardized assessments and develop high levels of proficiency of both languages.

    Framework Design

    In the 90/10 model, students receive the majority of their instruction in Spanish in the primary grades.

    As students move up grade levels, the use of English increases gradually each year.

    Program Model

    The dual language program model is designed in accordance to Chapter 89 Commissioner’s rules.

    Potential English language learner students are identified by mandated state assessments.

    Dual language is a research based program model that continues to grow popularity across the nation.

    It is a form of bilingual education which promotes bilingualism, biliteracy and biculturalism among its participants.

    North East Independent School District currently has 16 elementary schools, 5 middle schools and 1 high school that offer the dual language program model. All NEISD students have the opportunity to participate in the program by attending the assigned bilingual school in their cluster. Transportation is provided for all participating students.

  • How to Apply

    Step 1

    • Prospective and Current families of the Dual Language Program Model must attend an NEISD Dual Language Parent Information Meeting.
    • This requirement applies to those seeking to enroll a child in Dual for Kindergarten and/or First Grade.
    • Families may attend a meeting offered at any of the other NEISD Dual Language campuses, please contact them directly. We highly encourage you attend the meeting of the dual language campus you are applying to.

    Step 2

    Schedule a Dual Language Classroom visit at the respective dual language campus. All visits must be scheduled prior to visiting.

    Step 3

    New Dual Language Applicants:

    • Register your student to the NEISD District online. Then follow up with the home campus to submit any further documentation.
    • All Dual language applicants must also acquire a signature from the home campus Data Processor to verify his/her online registration has been completed and submitted.

Dual Language Campuses

  • NEISD offers the Dual Language Program Model at 16 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, and 1 high school.

    Transportation will be provided for dual language enrollees from their home campus within the bilingual cluster boundaries. Transportation will not be provided for students who reside outside of the bilingual cluster boundaries.

Elementary schools

  • Coker
  • Colonial Hills
  • East Terrell Hills
  • El Dorado
  • Jackson-Keller
  • Larkspur
  • Oak Grove
  • Olmos
  • Regency Place
  • Ridgeview
  • Roan Forest
  • Stahl
  • Steubing Ranch
  • Stone Oak
  • Vineyard Ranch
  • Walzem

Middle schools

  • Bradley
  • Eisenhower
  • Garner
  • Lopez
  • Nimitz

High school

  • MacArthur