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  • North East ISD Registration & Enrollment

    Welcome to the neighborhood! You are just a few steps away from joining the North East Family. If your child is new or returning to NEISD, use this process to update your information. If your child is currently a student, you don’t need to proceed. You are all set.

    No access to technology?  We are mobile friendly. Use a phone, tablet or PC. Still no access? Contact the campus.
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    1. Register Online
    2. Upload Your Documents


    Find which campus your child is eligible to attend by your street address.

    Currently Enrolled?

    If your student is currently enrolled and attending an NEISD school you do not need to use the online registration system. If you have been enrolled in NEISD in the past and are returning to our district, you can use the online registration system to update your information.

  • Start Here!

    What information do I need?

    • You will need an email address to create a parent profile. If you don’t have one you can get a free email account from Microsoft or Google (just to name a few providers).
    • You can begin registering now and you can start and stop without losing anything you entered.  To complete registration you will need the following documents:
      • Certified copy of the child’s birth certificate (a hospital copy is not acceptable)
      • Social Security Card of child being registered
      • Parent or Guardian’s valid driver’s license/ID
      • Withdrawal form from previous school, if available
      • Current immunization records
      • Previous School Information
      • Emergency Contact Information
      • Contact Information for Student's Physician
      • Information Regarding any Medical Conditions
      • Information Regarding any Food Allergies
      • Proof of Residency (no subleasing or room rentals permitted)
        • Homeowner – provide a copy of the top portion of a water, gas or electric bill showing address, month of bill and bill amount;
        • Leaser/Renter – provide a current signed lease agreement – parent/guardian must be listed as the lease holder or occupant;
        • If the parent/guardian is not listed as homeowner, leaser or occupant, then an “Establishing Proof Of Residency” must be completed by the parent/guardian/homeowner and/or lease holder
        • Copy of a military order requiring the parent’s or guardian’s transfer to a military installation in or adjacent to the district’s attendance zone.  The parent or guardian has up to 90 days of the arrival date specified in the order to provide North East ISD with proof of residence. Additional support resources for military families is available on the Welcome Military Families page.