Vendor Direct Deposit Program

  • North East ISD is pleased to offer electronic ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments to our vendors. ACH payments (direct deposit) provide you with the following advantages:

    • Reduced operating costs through the elimination of paper check handling, saving time spent going to the bank
    • No more lost or stolen checks
    • Allow the vendor to receive an e-mail (identified on authorization form) showing the invoices being paid by the transfer

    The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) regulates the ACH network, a nationwide payment and collection system. Instead of using paper to carry necessary transaction information, the ACH network processes, delivers and settles electronic credits and debits among financial institutions. North East Independent School District processes payments on a weekly basis. Each Friday the direct deposits are submitted to the bank for payments processed that week.

    How you enroll:

    1. Contact Becky Carrasco in Accounts Payable at and request the Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization Form.
    2. Complete and sign the form and return, along with a voided check or letter from your bank verifying your bank account information.
    3. Return the completed form and voided check/letter from your bank to the attention of Becky Carrasco via email at, via fax at 210-804-7122, or via mail to the address on the form.
    4. The information will be verified by Accounts Payable and setup in the North East ISD Vendor Direct Deposit Program.

    Program conditions

    In order to effectively administer this program, the following conditions must be agreed to by the vendor:

    • All vendors must agree to complete the Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization Form and send it directly to North East ISD Accounts Payable Dept. Important: a voided check or letter from your bank and email address need to be included for the process to be complete.
    • The direct deposit will be processed to only one (1) account as identified on the Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Once enrolled for direct deposit, all future payments to the vendor will be through ACH. Allow two weeks for processing this form.
    • If a vendor/business closes its account with one financial institution and opens an account with another financial institution, it must notify the North East ISD Accounts Payable Department immediately by contacting Becky Carrasco at requesting a Vendor Direct Deposit Change Form. The completed form will need to be returned along with a voided check/letter from the bank verifying the bank account information.

    As a reminder: for Prompt and Efficient Payment, Mail invoices with Purchase Order number to:

    North East ISD
    Accounts Payable Department
    8961 Tesoro Suite 207
    San Antonio, TX 78217

    For questions please contact us at