Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-K student playing with water
  • Did You Know?

    90% of the brain will develop before the age of 5. During these early years, the brain is making over 1,000,000 neural connections every SECOND!

    Pre-Kindergarten introduces social, emotional and academic skills and concepts through research based, developmentally appropriate teaching strategies. Our classes are designed to support the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines and promote playful and purposeful classrooms.

    Our Pre-Kindergarten classes are offered at 33 elementary schools around the district, including the Pre-K Academy at West Avenue, through full day programs. 

Two Ways to Participate in Pre-K at NEISD


If your child is a non-qualifying student, they are eligible to attend Pre-K at one of our designated campuses as a tuition student.


A qualifying student is a child who meets at least one of the Texas Pre-K qualifying criteria, and is eligible for free Pre-K.

  • Important Information & Resources

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