• Student Clubs & Organizations

    Clubs and student organizations are a vital part of Roan Forest Elementary and students are encouraged to become involved. Educational statistics prove that students who are involved in clubs and extracurricular activities make better grades and are more likely to succeed in life after high school. Colleges and businesses closely examine the level of student involvement in clubs and organizations when determining admission, scholarships or employment. At Roan Forest Elementary, clubs and organizations are offered to all students. The information listed below will assist students in deciding which clubs to join. The goal of all clubs and extracurricular organizations at Roan Forest Elementary is to help each student become involved and realize his/her potential.

  • Current Orgs & Clubs

    Students who are connected to opportunities for enrichment (clubs, extra-curricular activities, intramurals, leadership organizations, etc) make connections that increase academic performance, attendance, scholarships, higher ed acceptance, career opportunities, and military readiness.


    Student Lighthouse Leaders

    Trailblazer Singers

  • After-School Programs

    Kids' Involvement Network

    KIN begins as soon as school dismisses. The schedule consists of a healthy snack, socialization, and recreational activities such as recess, group sports, and health and wellness programming. Homework time is a main focus of our programs and is structured to assist students in a way that will benefit all learning styles. Enrichment activities are conducted every day to enhance learning. KIN closes at 6:30 p.m. at every site.

  • Annual Events & Traditions

    Art in the Forest

    Art in the Forest is a celebration of Pre-K through 5th grade art. Art is displayed throughout the school and features the students' inspiration and interpretation of the artist’s work to complete their very own work of art. The art introduced and studied ranges from ancient classical art to contemporary art, focusing on the artists and their techniques.

    Living History Museum

    The Living History Museum is a museum hosted by 5th grade for the whole school to enjoy. Fifth grade students choose someone in history that made an impact in society and prepare a special presentation. During this presentation all 5th grade students dress up as the person they chose to present on and present as if they were that person. The entire school and 5th grade parents are invited to walk through the Living History Museum and enjoy the live presentations.