• Program & Services

    Explore the many options and opportunities available to students. 

    Leader In Me

    Roan Forest offers a variety of clubs and organizations that foster student involvement. As a Leader In Me school, we base our school culture on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and work to develop the leader in every child. All students have leadership roles in their classrooms. In addition, students may apply to participate in a variety of schoolwide leadership organizations.

    Motor Lab

    Motor-Lab is a specialized movement area designed by our occupational and physical therapists filled with sensory input and output activities to help students on campus with sensory needs to facilitate a more efficient academic environment. All students on campus may come here to explore the different stations such as the swing, trampoline, and balance balls; as well activities for gross and fine motor skills utilizing stick pads, scooter carts, and many others. Stations are numbered in order to facilitate the use of this room by many students at a time, navigating through each station in order for a set amount of time before moving on to the next station. Having these sensory exploration opportunities provides all students with the tools to self-regulate and modulate their responses to internal and external stimuli throughout their school day.

  • Instructional Support

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Smiling Student
  • Enrichment Programs

    Various afterschool enrichment opportunities are provided including music, sports, coding, book clubs, and more.

  • Fine Arts

    In addition to Music & Physical Education, all students receive Visual Art instruction in the regular specials rotation.

  • Unique Opportunities in Our Clusters

    Welcome to the Johnson Cluster in the North East Independent School District. As a Clementine Elementary School student, your child will establish a passion, curiosity, and foundation for life-long learning while nurturing their social and emotional skills. Outside of the classroom, your child can embrace what they love or try something new through diverse clubs, programs and organizations. 

    Your child will discover even more opportunities at Tejeda and Tex Hill Middle School. As their academic foundation expands in the classroom, their circle of friends and experiences will grow through new opportunities in Athletics, Fine Arts, Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, competitive UIL contests, and more. 

    At Johnson High School, your child will excel academically and socially while embracing beloved Jaguar traditions with memories that will last a lifetime. Your child has the freedom and support to pursue their passions in a variety of nationally recognized programs, organizations, and clubs – from Athletics to JROTC, Band, Dance, PALS, Photography, UIL, and much more.

     There’s so much to discover in the Johnson cluster. Thank you for choosing NEISD.

  • Agriscience Magnet Program (AMP)
  • Career & Technical Education Center (CTEC)
  • Design and Technology Academy (DATA)
  • Engineering & Technologies Academy (ETA)
  • Institute of CyberSecurity & Innovation (iCSI)
  • International School of the Americas (ISA)
  • MacArthur UNITED
  • North East School of the Arts (NESA)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy