Exploratory Learning World History Lesson Plan: Day 4-5: Create and Share

Lesson Itinerary

  • After completing the research component, it’s time to prepare for the World History Technology Showcase! Students will use Metaverse to build an Augmented Reality experience highlighting the importance of their chosen technological innovation and its impact on world history. 

    1. The Metaverse AR experience must include the following:

    1. An opening scene introducing your invention/ technological innovation that includes an image that best represents it
    2. 5 additional scenes explaining the following from the research graphic organizer (one scene per topic)
    • Topics
      • When and where was it developed?
      • What were the circumstances leading to its emergence?
      • How does it meet the criteria of a technological innovation?
      • What was the impact on the time period in which it emerged?
      • What was its overall impact on World History?
    • Each of these scenes must include
      • Information from your research graphic organizer
      • An appropriate image to illustrate your text

    2. Then students will use the template provided to create their own version of a Merge Cube, representing their chosen technological innovation. The student created Merge Cube will provide the QR code for their created Metaverse AR experience as well as group members’ names and citations, the name of your technological innovation, its time period, an image, and its overall impact on world history

    3. Students will then share their Merge Cubes with each other in the form of a World History Technology Showcase (gallery walk).

    • Students will need to use the Metaverse app on iPads or their own devices to view each cube's Metaverse experience.
    • Students will view their classmates Merge Cubes and evaluate which innovation had the greatest impact on its time as well as world history overall, recording their thoughts on World History Technology Showcase Ballot

Handouts and Materials


    Create Phase

    Students will analyze and synthesize gathered information to create a finished product presenting their findings