Exploratory Learning World History Lesson Plan: Day 1: Immerse and Explore

Lesson Itinerary

  • 1. Read the excerpt from Ready Player One

    2. Show one or both of the videos below to students to explain VR and AR technology:

    3. Have students sit in groups of 2-3 at tables. Using iPads or VR goggles with student devices, students will complete the World History VR Activity and discuss the corresponding questions with their table mates. 

    4. Distribute Merge Cubes to 10 tables with an Artifacts of Empire British Museum placard for each cube. Explain to students that museums are starting to scan artifacts in their collections to create 3D renderings. The British Museum in London has done this, providing them with an opportunity to hold artifacts in their hands. Students will open the Object Viewer for Merge Cube App on their group's iPad. Some of the 3D object files can take a moment to load, so have the students read the placard as the artifact is loading. Give students a few minutes to explore the artifact that appears on the merge cube. Have the students leave their iPad with the placard at the table and rotate clockwise to the next table. This will save time as the object will already be loaded onto the iPad for the next group that arrives. 

    5. After students have finished the activities, come back together as a class for reflection questions. These could be answered in the form of a class discussion or a writing extension activity using the Reflection Question Exit Ticket.

    • Do you think such a system as OASIS will ever be created? Would people be willing to exchange real experiences for virtual experiences? Explain your answer.  
    • How could virtual reality or other similar technology revolutionize education or historical research? In what ways is it an innovation in our current time?

Literary Connection

  • English I TEKS: 2(C)

Handouts and Materials

  •  Immerse Phase

    Students begin to make connections between the chosen literary piece and world history content


    Explore Phase

    Students will use VR and AR technology to to examine different sources and build background knowledge through discussion with peers