• About Our Superintendent

    dr. sean maika

    Coffee and conversation were always on the menu at the Inn Towne Restaurant in the Madawaska Valley. Pancakes dripping with maple syrup —homemade from our own sugar bush—brought in the locals and seasonal cottagers. Most would claim the table by the large window that looked out across the road to the wooded banks of the Madawaska River.

    For 40 years, my mother owned the bus stop restaurant down the road from the rural post office. As a child, when I was not exploring the woods or helping my dad with his excavation business, I would greet and serve the folks who stopped by daily for coffee, conversation, and a healthy helping of community fellowship.

    Though my wife, daughter, son, and I now live in the 7th largest city in the country, I value the lessons that I learned in my hometown. Looking back, with a fresh perspective, I realize now that the 100 or so townspeople were not buying what my mom cooked, they were buying that she cared.

    As I approach nearly three decades in education, I notice that “caring” is very much on the menu. Parents want for their children what my wife and I want for our two—a caring and nurturing school environment. Coincidentally, that is what you experience in a small community.

    After enjoying years of working directly with students on both elementary and secondary campuses, I wanted to expand my capacity to serve. I was appointed Executive Director then later Assistant Superintendent. I used these opportunities to seek input from our communities.

    The feedback I received validated my belief that parents appreciate educators who welcome them, celebrate differences, and provide one-on-one learning experiences. Parents spoke highly of passionate teachers who inspired, challenged, and engaged their children. Parents valued educators who kept them informed and involved in their child’s learning experience.

    As the superintendent, I will continue these conversations with our community. I want to discover what more you desire and explore how we can deliver. Our school district is designed to create opportunities for children to explore, discover, and unlock their potential. Whether you select our magnet schools, our AP courses, our Fine Arts programs, our JROTC or seek athletic activities for scholarship or fitness, you will discover that your school district offers endless possibilities. Whatever you select from our menu, I’m confident that we will continue to demonstrate the commitment to caring and customer service that my parents instilled in me long ago.

    Dr. Sean Maika
    Superintendent of Schools