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    **Disclaimer** While the video shows how to access Google Classroom, homework is NOT uploaded to Google Classroom.  


    Homework Week 1-6

    Homework Choice Board: Pick 3 DIFFERENT squares to complete in your homework journal. Choice Board is Due Friday.

    Homework Choice board week 1-7 & 1-8

    Homework Choice Board Writing Prompt


    Math: Decimal Pretest
    Reading: Reading Log: 30 minutes


    Math: GM 1.2 all
    Reading: Reading Log: 30 minutes


    Math: GM p. 27 all
    Reading: Reading log-30 minutes


    Math:  GM p. 28 all
    Reading: Reading Log-30 minutes


    Weekly Skills

    Math:  Comparing and ordering decimals through the thousandths place
    Language Arts: Revising and Editing
    Reading: Poetry, Unit 1 Test
    Social Studies: Week 3 Newspaper
    Science: Properties of Matter



Weekly Skills