• Johnson High School – Parking Permits

    Due to COVID-19 we are changing the process for students to purchase a parking permit at
    Johnson High School. Please be patient as this is a new system for everyone involved. All
    students that are wanting to buy a parking permit must complete the online form below. In the
    form, they will upload a picture of their driver’s license, vehicle insurance, Safe Driving pledge,
    and parking permit application. No paperwork will need to be brought to the campus. A link to
    pay for the parking permit will be emailed to the student after their form has been reviewed
    and approved by a Johnson High School staff member.

    Please read the parking guidelines for Johnson High School

    Parking guidelines - https://tinyurl.com/CTJParkRules

    Then print and complete the following documents. These documents will need to be
    uploaded when completing the online parking permit form.

    Parking permit application - https://tinyurl.com/CTJPark2020

    Safe Driving pledge - https://tinyurl.com/CTJParkSafe

    Finally, complete the online parking permit form:


    *We have found that it is easier to complete the form using a phone instead of a laptop,
    desktop, etc.

    *Please double check the application and Safe Driving pledge to make sure that signatures have
    been completed prior to submitting the online parking permit form.

    Please contact assistant principal Steve Berg (sberg@neisd.net) if you have any questions about
    the process.

    No parking permits will be sold to sophomores or freshmen. 

    2020 - 2021 Parking Permit Guidelines

    2020 - 2021 Parking Application

    Safe Driving Pledge