• Click the following link to access the Power Point presentation that was shown on Aug. 8, 2022.

    Parent Orientation Night 22-23


    24 #2 pencils                                        6 glue sticks
    2 boxes of 24 crayons                         1 plastic supply box
    1 pair of 5" pointed scissors              1 large pink eraser
    5 wide rule composition books         1 pkg. 9x12 loose construction paper                   
    2 wide rule spiral notebooks              1 pkg. of wide rule notebook paper                   
    6 pocket folders with brads                1 box of colored pencils
    1 box of broad tip markers                  1 watercolor set
    1 standard/metric ruler                        
    1 bottle of glue                                        
    2 boxes of tissues

     Money saving tips: 

    • Buy plain colored folders and spirals. The decorated styles can cost up to 10 times as much. 
    • Don't buy washable crayons and markers, regular Crayola brand works fine.
    • Consider using items from previous years such as rulers and scissors. 
    • Buy solid colored, name-brand pencils. They will last much longer and be easier for your child to sharpen. Decorated pencils with a plastic coating are so difficult to sharpen that they are often unusable. 
    • Do NOT buy supplies that are also toys. Slap bracelet rulers and items covered in pop-it dots are distracting for your child.