Mentor Program

  • The NEISD Partners in Education (PIE) Mentor Program is designed to organize assistance for our at-risk students. Our goal is to provide students with an opportunity to interact with positive adult role models who will encourage and motivate students to succeed in school.


    •  To provide positive adult role models for students in at-risk situations.
    •  To improve school attendance.
    •  To present a variety of career explorations for students.
    •  To build self esteem by motivating at-risk students to strive for academic success.

    Benefits of Mentoring

    Mentoring works because:

    •  Adults greatly influence how students behave.
    •  Students grow and develop through identification with adults.
    •  Positive models influence the social development of students.

    Student Benefits

    •  Seeing positive adult role models in the school
    •  Receiving individualized attention and support
    •  Having greater career exploration opportunities
    •  Developing stronger academic and social skills
    •  Learning to set educational goals
    •  Increasing their self-esteem

    Mentor Attributes

    A mentor has...

    •  a strong desire to help students succeed in school;
    •  the ability to perceive and respond to the needs of students;
    •  a willingness to invest time and energy in mentoring a student;
    •  the belief that every student can learn, although each learns differently and at their own rate; and
    •  a commitment to spend time with their student and be involved in the schools.

    Mentor Duties

    •  To listen, clarify and inspire
    •  To help find solutions to social and academic problems
    •  To set good examples by modeling appropriate behavior
    •  To support and encourage good behavior and good attendance
    •  To help set academic and personal goals


    How Can I Help?

    Becoming actively involved in education at the local level can help influence the direction and quality of education for students. Children are dependent on an involved and caring community to provide quality education. Your involvement can make all the difference in a child's life.

    To apply to mentor a child at a NEISD school...

    •  Complete the Criminal History Record Check.
    •  Fill out the Mentor Application (Mentor forms page) and return it to the Volunteer Program Office.

    If you have any questions about the mentor program, please contact the Volunteer Program at (210) 407-0309.