Volunteer Program Overview

  • Thank you for your interest in one of the most rewarding jobs in education - volunteering.

    To volunteer at NEISD, first fill out the Criminal History Record Check (either use the online or printed form). These forms are for new volunteer applicants only. Then contact the PTA Volunteer Liason or Staff Volunteer Liaison at the school you want to volunteer at for possible assignments.

    In order to be automatically notified of your volunteer status approval, you must provide an accurate email address on the application. To get your status or identification number, call your school office or the Volunteer Program. This process will take less than 5-7 business days if you use the online form or considerably longer if you use the paper form.

    You can also get your Volunteer ID Number online.

    You can get answers to your Frequently Asked Questions, on our FAQs page. If you have additional questions about the process or program, you can contact any of the Volunteer Program staff members below.

    Volunteer Program Mission

    The NEISD Volunteer Program is a partnership of dedicated community members

    •  Providing positive adult role models for students
    •  Fostering relationships that help students become successful learners
    •  Reinforcing positive attitudes towards learning and problem-solving
    •  Building self-esteem by motivating students to strive for academic success

    So that students may excel academically and accomplish their dreams and aspirations.