Year 1 Specific Results

  • The North East ISD Transforming the Future Initiative has gained momentum across the district. Campuses and departments are being led by Implementation Managers to find innovative ways to meet their measurable objectives for year one of the initiative. Last January, the Strategic Design Team composed of teachers, parents, staff, Board members, community members, and students, outlined 36 specific results. Of the 36, the team identified 9 to be implemented in the first year.

    Each of the Associate Superintendents serves as a Process Manager for one or more of the eight major goals outlined by the Strategic Plan. The Process Managers ensure the progress on each Specific Result that falls within their assigned goal. The Associate Superintendents have assigned an Implementation Manager to each year-one Specific Result. The Implementation Managers are responsible for researching, collaborating with other stakeholders and creating Action Steps to achieve the Specific Results.

    This past summer, Dr. Brian G. Gottardy, superintendent of schools, presented to the NEISD Board of Trustees at the June 16 regular board meeting. Nine representatives reviewed the nine specific results and action steps at the meeting. The Board of Trustees showed plenty of enthusiasm and optimism for what lies ahead for NEISD.

    In addition, Dr. Gottardy and implementation managers shared specific action plans to faculty and staff at August Leadership. This 3 day in-service workshop brought NEISD principals, assistant principals, counselors, and deans together to receive the latest updates before the start of the school year. Since then, actions steps have been put in place to meet year one specific results.

    The Strategic Abandonment Process that kicked off at the end of the 2013-14 school year will give schools a better opportunity to tackle the remaining goals. The Strategic Design Team will be meeting in February 2015 as they prepare for year-two goals.

    • Goal 1 – Specific Result C: Provide flexibility for campus-based decisions dependent upon students’ needs while maintaining curriculum consistency.
    • Goal 2 – Specific Result B: Integrate authentic technology training in a variety of ways at trainings, meetings, and functions, including content, specific professional development, within the course of the workday.
    • Goal 4 – Specific Result C: Set expectations that all teachers and administrators are knowledgeable of and will effectively apply the purpose and intent of the North East Grading and Reporting Regulations into their assessment practices.
    • Goal 5 – Specific Result A: Provide an uninterrupted block of time for teachers to plan authentic learning experiences and/or to participate in professional development.
    • Goal 5 – Specific Result C: Create a learning environment that engages all students as learning leaders who make real world connections.
    • Goal 7 – Specific Result F: Increase awareness and support of the North East Educational Foundation.
    • Goal 8 – Specific Result B: Create various opportunities for students to access House Bill 5 (83rd Texas Legislature) Endorsement Course Offerings inside and outside the regular school day.
    • Goal 8 – Specific Result D: Create an awareness program to educate students and parents on magnet and vocational programs as well as college entrance requirements including Advanced Placement (AP), Pre-AP, SAT, PSAT, and ACT at both elementary and secondary level.
    • Goal 8 – Specific Result F: Redefine the district’s funding formula for allocating campus funds to create equitable funding opportunities for each campus.

    Transforming the Future Profile Handout (pdf)

    DRAFT: Transforming the Future Strategic Plan (pdf)

    Specific Results Presented to the Board (pdf)