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If you NEED something, say something.

NEISD is committed to helping students and staff with their mental health needs.

Students have access to Student Teacher Assistance Network (STAN) Counselors.

These crisis intervention counselors offer one-on-one counseling and opportunities to work in small groups to deal with losing a loved one or relationship issues.

Our District also partners with UT Health to offer students TCHATT Services.

TCHATT is Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine and offers mental health evaluations and short-term counseling.


For more information on programs offered to students go to


NEISD Employees have access to ComPsych.

ComPsych offers employees confidential emotional support, legal guidance and other resources 24/7.

The biggest take away here is that if you need help, NEISD can help you get it.


To learn more about employee benefits go to


If you need something, say something.

It takes all of us working together to be #NEISDsafe.