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NEISD Standard Response Protocol

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Things happen.

And when they do, North East ISD is prepared.

But it takes all of us.

When there is an issue on your child’s campus, NEISD uses the Standard Response Protocol developed by the Texas State School Safety Center to let parents, teachers, students and staff quickly understand what’s going on and how to respond.


Here it is in a nutshell.

HOLD. “Stay in your room. Clear the halls.”

This might be used if there is a fight in the hallway or a medical emergency.

Students and staff clear the hallways and remain in their classrooms.

SECURE. “Get inside.”

This might be used if there’s criminal activity in the area, or a dangerous animal near the school. Students and staff are brought inside. No going in or out. Inside the school, it will be business as usual, but situational awareness should be higher.

LOCKDOWN. “Out of sight.”

This would be used in case of an intruder or a report of a weapon on campus.

Students and staff will move away from lines of sight. Everyone will remain quiet. Lights are turned off. Staff prepare to evade or defend.

EVACUATE. “Go to a new location.”

This would be used if there is a gas leak or chemical spill.

Things are left in the classroom. Head to evacuation location.

SHELTER. “Drop, cover, hold.”

This might be used in case of a weather event like a tornado.

Head to shelter area. Drop, cover and hold. 


Please familiarize yourself with this information. This will also help you better understand what is happening on your child’s campus in the event of an emergency.


If you see something. Say something.

It takes all of us to be #NEISDsafe.


Remember, the North East Tip Line ( gives you a safe and confidential way to report a wide variety of safety concerns. 

You can also call the North East Police Department non-emergency line at 210-407-0925.


SRP flyer describing the actions