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Education leader shares what NEISD means to her


Deanna in high schoolDeanna today

Deanna Lovesmith is living proof that teachers have the power to change a life. She’s a proud product of North East ISD who has devoted her career to teaching and serving the next generation of students. She attributes much of her drive and determination to her incredible teachers at Windcrest Elementary School, Ed White Middle School and Roosevelt High School.

Read how Lovesmith’s journey through NEISD impacted her in her own words:

“My name is Deanna Lovesmith, and I am the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning in Belton ISD. I am a proud graduate of Theodore Roosevelt High School, class of 1990. I began my journey in NEISD as a fourth grader at Windcrest Elementary and then attended Ed White Middle School. Over the years, I had many great teachers. From Cathy Barnett in fourth grade to Barbara Rios and Carmen Lee at Roosevelt, I had teachers who inspired me to serve and teach the next generation. Following their examples, I became a teacher. This year, I am in my 29th year as a public school educator. I have served as a teacher, counselor, principal and district administrator. Many of the standards I have used in these roles were founded on the education I received in NEISD. Today, I still use NEISD as a resource. I am proof that the impact a teacher has on a student in the classroom can span to impact thousands of kids over multiple generations.

Thank you NEISD!”

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