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Why does North East have a Teacher Choice Program?

High performing schools understand the relationship between effective teachers and high student achievement. Since these schools strive to create a culture that values teacher learning and growth, they make quality professional development an essential component of their improvement plans. 

Quality professional development exhibits the following characteristics:

• focuses on teachers as central to student learning

• focuses on individual, collegial, and organizational improvement

• is results-driven and job-embedded

• is curriculum-centered and standards-based

• reflects best available research and practice in teaching, learning, and leadership

• enables teachers to develop further expertise in subject content, teaching strategies, uses of technologies, and other essential elements that support high standards of teaching

• is evaluated ultimately on the basis of its impact on teacher effectiveness and student learning

• focuses on developing teachers’ capacity in one or more of the


domains under T-TESS

 Domain 1: Planning

 Domain 2: Instruction

 Domain 3: Learning Environment

 Domain 4: Professional Practices and Responsibilities

Because research studies emphasize the central role of content knowledge and pedagogical expertise in enhancing student achievement, professional development should be accumulated in the areas of curriculum and instruction. In cases where a teacher may have a dual teaching assignment of both core content and enrichment courses (i.e. science and coaching), Teacher Choice should reflect no fewer than 6 hours in the core content area.