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NEISD shares school name submissions

From Sept. 19-25, 2017, the North East ISD Board of Trustees provided an online submission form for the community to submit suggestions for the new name of Robert E. Lee High School.  As explained in the submission form, the Board's criteria for consideration of submissions required that the proposed name be that of an idea rather than a person, and that the name should be wholesome and stand the test of time. 


The community provided 2,443 submissions. Of those, 542 met the Board's criteria and are listed below. The District's intent was to publish the entire list of submissions, including those that did not meet the Board's criteria, on its website.  


Unfortunately, many of the 1,901 submissions that did not meet criteria contained offensive and inappropriate references, such as profanity and racially charged statements.  Since this website is readily available to all students and campuses, the District felt that this list was not suitable for publication here.  If you would like a complete copy of the list, you can obtain one by submitting an open records request by clicking on this link:


The complete list is also being released to all local media outlets.


The school board will consider this matter at the next regular board meeting on Oct. 9.


Click HERE for a PDF of the list of name suggestions meeting board critera.