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NEISD Board votes unanimously to change Lee HS name

The North East ISD School Board held a Special Board Meeting on August 29 to vote regarding the name of Lee High School. Trustees voted unanimously to change the name of the school. 

During the special meeting, Board members spoke in open session. They called it a "no-win situation," that unfortunately has become a disruption to the mission of educating students, and a potential safety concern to students and staff.

Although some Board members did not want to support a name change, they recognize that times have changed since the last time the board voted on the issue in 2015. Therefore, they all felt it was in the best interest of the students and the District. 

With NEISD already facing a financial hardship, the Board acknowledged that this could be even more of a financial burden to the NEISD community. District and campus administration will work to come up with a transition plan as we implement the Board's decision.

There is a lot that still needs to be determined. At this point, the Lee High School name will remain in place through the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year.

Faculty and staff at Lee will continue to work toward their number one mission of educating students and preparing them for their future.

To hear directly from the NEISD Board Members concerning the Lee name change click here or view the video below: