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Castle Hills teacher has been doing it the NEISD way since she was 5

In 2004, Stephanie Guevara started kindergarten at Stahl Elementary School.

Starting school is a big moment.

As it turns out, North East ISD would be there for many of Guevara’s big moments.

At Harris Middle School, Guevara was exposed to choir by her teacher Rebecca Juarez. This was when Guevara started to really find her voice. They still keep in touch to this day.

Guevara’s voice teacher BriAnne Woodward was named NEISD’s 2020 Teacher of the year and is now teaching at Driscoll Middle School. This is another connection that would lead to a big decision for Guevara.

And at Madison High School, she honed her voice with choir directors Edie Cooksey and Peter Cunningham.

“They were both fabulous directors and very inspiring,” said Guevara. “Every teacher I had musically had such a big impact on my life that it led me to want to continue to pursue music, especially in the teaching field.”

When Guevara graduated from Madison in 2017, she went to Loyola University in New Orleans. That’s where Woodward went to college.

After graduating, she turned her sights back on North East.

“I knew I wanted to come back to North East,” said Guevara. “Giving back to the community that gave to me was very important.”

Her third-grade teacher Chris Specia is now the Principal at Roan Forest Elementary School. He suggested Guevara student-teach at his school. Another big moment and a lifelong connection helping Guevara reach her goals.

This year is Guevara’s first year teaching. She’s now the music teacher at Castle Hills Elementary School.

“I am learning a lot on the spot. I am so excited,” said Guevara. “This has been my dream job for a long time, and seeing it come to reality is a huge blessing for me.”

Guevara is now getting the chance to impact students the way so many NEISD educators made a profound impact on her #theNEISDway.

One more note about Guevara’s path to her dream job, she was a Blossom Scholarship recipient when she graduated from Madison, which gives financial assistance to NEISD students who plan to enter the teaching field.

To learn more about the scholarship, click here.

Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 08/03/2021