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Ed White Math Camp provides winning formula

The torches are lit and the competition is fierce at Ed White Middle School’s Math Bridge Camp. The two-week foundations camp is underway at several North East ISD middle school campuses. Not only is it a valuable refresher for incoming sixth-grade students, it’s also a valuable introduction to life at a middle school campus.

“Our overall objective is to get our students on campus and show them that math can be fun,” said math teacher Molly Sack. “Our activities are designed to promote number awareness and number sense, as well as identifying patterns.”

Ed White students are mastering strategy, searching for patterns and collaborating with classmates Olympics style. The group was divided into two teams, each operating as its own country while going for gold in competitions founded on fun and games. While math is at the heart of the camp, building new meaningful relationships was always the goal for instructors Molly Sack, Michelle Magana, Sara Roby and Leslie Gamez.

“Another major goal is to promote teamwork and getting kiddos comfortable having conversations with each other,” said Sack. “Forming opinions, agreeing and disagreeing and working through the productive struggle that fosters learning.”

Students also got the chance to take a campus tour, ask questions and get to know the school they will call home for the next three years. Math Bridge Camp has been so much more than a friendly competition. It’s new friends making connections, teachers connecting the dots and the newest generation of Eagles settling into their new nest.

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Student wait for their teacher to call out the number from a deck of cards Students strategize at the white board

A sixth grader marks his paper with a highlighter Molly Sack walks her students through a math problem

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 8-3-21