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All-State Ensembles include 46 NEISD musicians

Earning a spot in the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) All-State Ensemble is one of the highest honors a young musician can achieve. This year, North East ISD had 46 band, orchestra, and choir students named All-State musicians. Thousands of students from 33 TMEA regions compete for this honor.

In all, 24 band students, eight orchestra students and 14 choir students earned this distinction. Each student selected music to perform for a panel of judges who ranked each performance at the regional, area and state level. The process this year was entirely virtual, meaning each student submitted a recording for judgment.

Congratulations to NEISD’s 2021 All-State musicians! CLICK HERE to learn more about our Fine Arts program. 



Student Name


Instrument/ Voice

Churchill HS Band Bookman, Madison 11th Clarinet
Churchill HS Band Gurwitz, Zoe 11th Oboe
Churchill HS Band Rudd, Thomas 12th Trumpet
CT Johnson HS Band Becerra, Sebastian 11th Baritone Saxophone
CT Johnson HS Band Blackwell, Matthew 11th Contrabassoon
CT Johnson HS Band Brennan, Tommy 12th Euphonium
CT Johnson HS Band Chambers, Catherine 12th French Horn
CT Johnson HS Band Davidson, Dylan 12th Bass Trombone
CT Johnson HS Band Glaser, Jacob 11th Bb Clarinet
CT Johnson HS Band Hawkins, Katilyn 11th Piccolo
CT Johnson HS Band Koehl, Kadence 12th Trumpet
CT Johnson HS Band Kraly, Joshua 12th Tuba
CT Johnson HS Band Mitchell, Brenna 12th Contrabass Clarinet
CT Johnson HS Band Mullen, Robert 12th Tuba
CT Johnson HS Band Payne, Preston 12th Tenor Trombone
CT Johnson HS Band Perez, Isabella 11th Bassoon
CT Johnson HS Band San Miguel, Alejandro 12th Jazz/Baritone Saxophone
CT Johnson HS Band Souder, Aidan 11th Trumpet
MacArthur HS Band Doryann Mueller 11th Flute
Reagan HS Band Emily Skowron 11th Bb Clarinet
Reagan HS Band Jenica McDonald 10th French Horn
Reagan HS Band Kayla Garcia 12th Tenor Saxophone
Reagan HS Band Olga Tumanova 11th Tuba
Reagan HS Band Ross Ganske 10th Tenor Trombone
Churchill HS Choir Mace-Meador, Campbell 9th Voice- Soprano 1
CT Johnson HS Choir Gradnerson, Jacob 11th Tenor 2
CT Johnson HS Choir Koehl, Zoey 9th Alto 1
Madison HS Choir De La Rosa, Gwynaleesa 11th Soprano 1
Madison HS Choir Klotzbach, Breanna 12th Soprano 2
Reagan HS Choir Borowski, Madison 10th Soprano 2
Reagan HS Choir Davidson, Juliana 11th Soprano 2
Reagan HS Choir Duggins, Cameron 10th Bass 1
Reagan HS Choir Moeller, Will 10th Tenor 2
Reagan HS Choir Parra, Alejandro 12th Bass 1
Reagan HS Choir Rivera, Gabriela 12th Alto 2
Reagan HS Choir Simonsen, Kaci 10th Soprano 1
Reagan HS Choir Tolosa, Josh 12th Tenor 1
Reagan HS Choir White, Olivia 12th Alto 1
Churchill HS Orchestra Joshi, Seva 10th Violin
Churchill HS Orchestra Limaye, Odin 10th Piano
CT Johnson HS Orchestra Pearson, Auburn 10th Double Bass
CT Johnson HS Orchestra Post, Ryan 11th Cello
Reagan HS Orchestra Calla Xu 12th Viola
Reagan HS Orchestra Cameron Halsell 12th Viola
Reagan HS Orchestra Kaleb Comstock 11th Double Bass
Reagan HS Orchestra Kathryn Horton 11th Harp


Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 2-9-21