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Life skills and marketing go hand-in-hand at Reagan

Life skills and marketing go hand-in-hand at Reagan 4 As consumers, we are inundated with marketing and advertising every time we pick up our phone, watch a video on YouTube or walk into a grocery store. Some of the ads don’t register, but others linger in our minds long after we’ve seen them.

Many ads are flashy and vibrant, but there’s a subtle art to marketing and advertising. Michelle Moore knows the delicate balance in place. She graduated from Reagan High School, earned a marketing degree from Texas A&M University and then submerged herself in the industry. Years of hard work gave her a successful career and a trained eye. But something was missing. 

Moore found the missing piece at her alma mater teaching one of her greatest passions.

“Coming back to Reagan is literally my dream job,” said Moore. “If they choose to go into the marketing industry, I know they’re ahead of their peers. I think that’s what is so great about CTE in general, and specifically this class. It doesn’t matter if you take my classes and end up as a doctor or a computer engineer – at some point, you are going to have to interview for a job. You’re going to need these skills.”

Moore doesn’t just teach marketing. She teachers her students how to market themselves in a world that often demands they stand out. Her classes include Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing and, for the first time this year, Practicum in Marketing. 

Practicum in Marketing is a cumulative marketing course with hands-on advertising practice opportunities. That means Moore and her students take on real clients with real expectations.  

“We have taken this class and we’ve turned it into the Reagan Marketing Firm,” said Moore. “So, we are taking marketing requests from groups and staff on campus. The practicum course is definitely the highest level of marketing we have to offer.”

Reagan students learn so much more than design skills by working with their clients. They learn how to be professionals who communicate clearly, organize an action plan and deliver what they've promised. Moore believes Practicum in Marketing is the perfect opportunity for them to apply what they’ve learned so far in an immersive, creative platform. 

“Giving them the space to learn, fail, grow and put out a quality product has been a really awesome experience.”

From marketing to engineering, welding or culinary arts – there’s a Career & Technical Education (CTE) course for everyone at NEISD. CLICK HERE to learn more about the pathway options available to NEISD students.

*Take a look at some of the Marketing in Practicum course creations below. 

Life skills and marketing go hand-in-hand at Reagan 1  

Life skills and marketing go hand-in-hand at Reagan 2  Life skills and marketing go hand-in-hand at Reagan 3

Life skills and marketing go hand-in-hand at Reagan 4

Life skills and marketing go hand-in-hand at Reagan 5

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 2-5-21