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#NEISDcares | Royal Ridge students offer sweet surprise

This school year is ending in a way none of us expected. Teachers are cleaning out classrooms and thinking about the plans they had. It isn’t easy. But fourth-grade Royal Ridge Elementary School teacher, Kara Fogelsong, got quite a surprise during the tough task.

“One of my parents messaged me and asked if I could come downstairs for a minute,” Foglesong explained.

When she got outside, several of her students and their families were waiting with cards, signs and smiles.

“I was BLOWN AWAY when I came out of the school to see some of my students gathered with their families, holding signs,” she said. “It lifted my spirits and brought so much joy to my heart.”

From a safe distance, they all go to share a smile, laugh and support during this difficult time.

“My spirits were pretty low after clearing out the classroom all morning, knowing I wasn’t able to end the year properly with my students,” said Foglesong. “It had been two months since I had seen some of them, so I was overwhelmed with emotion seeing them happy and healthy. It was an amazing experience I will remember forever.”

These students and parents are showing how much the NEISD family means to them and how much #NEISDcares.

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Posted by: Evan Henson
Posted on: 05/20/2020