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Celebrating the "first day" of school

Mia 1st Day

The first day of school is exciting. It's also a little nerve-racking, especially when you add in coronavirus and distance learning. North East ISD mother, Christina Aubel, and her daughter Mia are making the best of the new normal.

"So far, we are doing well," said Aubel.​

Christina posted pictures of Mia on her first day of distance learning at home as a way to have a little fun during this difficult time.

"Despite my silly HELP sign, we are enjoying our family time together."​

Mia is a second-grader at Tuscany Heights Elementary School. Her teacher is Mrs. Herrera's class. A combination, Christina says, has made this transition easier for everyone.

"Distance learning has been going really well so far," said Aubel. "The second-grade team and her teacher at Tuscany Heights really put together a great lesson plan that is easy to follow along and is something Mia looks forward to."​

She also said Mrs. Herrera sent home a suggested schedule, which is helping them not get overwhelmed with too much work.​

 ​"Having morning announcements sent to us in the mornings, the parade, having spirit week through social media… we have been loving it all."​

Even though Christina and Mia have been set up for success while distance learning, they miss actually seeing everyone.​

"Her friends, her teacher and the rest of the Tuscany Heights Elementary staff, and as a volunteer at her school, I really miss that too."

But they are staying connected as much as they can through social media, and for the most part, that's been the most encouraging.

"NEISD has been really helpful staying up to date with information,' said Aubel. "There is a lot of sad and scary news everywhere we look now, so it's uplifting to see posts about staff having safe distance parades through their neighborhoods, the lunches available to the kids, and things like that."​

And while this is all different, Christina says Mia is really enjoying the shorter school day.​

"She is usually done with school work by lunch," Christina explains. "Then has the afternoon to read, do crafts, or get outside and play in the yard."​

Aubel had one more thing to say about this week's new experiences and distance learning. 

"I want to add that I really appreciate all that our school has done to keep the families motivated and cheerful. Our Tuscany Heights Elementary staff is just the best, and it makes us proud to be a part of that family."

Mia Working Mia Mommy  Mia Working 2

Posted By: Evan Henson
Posted on: 03/27/2020