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Superintendent Message to Parents: February 2020

Each month, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Sean Maika, shares a personal message with parents in a monthly newsletter. Scroll below to read his message for the February issue.



Dr. Maika Dear Parents and Guardians,

We at North East ISD are so grateful for all our community members who support and contribute to our schools each and every day. You help our students succeed academically, as well as contribute to their growth as responsible and caring individuals.

In an effort to give back, the District provides a variety of resources that reinforce lifelong learning and community involvement.

NEISD’s Community Learning Center is the ideal place for lifelong learners. Here, adults have the opportunity to enroll in affordable classes with topics that help improve job skills, personal care, parenting and even leisure activities. We also offer the Academy of Learning in Retirement (ALIR) program – our very successful learning academy for persons age 50 and older.

The District has opportunities for adults who want to improve their job possibilities with career training programs and workforce certifications. Plus, our Adult Education department offers free English as a Second Language and High School Equivalency classes -- because we don’t want life’s barriers to stand in the way of a person’s growth.

Many in our community also benefit from our Senior Star Program. Anyone who lives in the District and is 65 years old or older gets free access to student athletic and fine arts events, among other benefits.

With thousands of our students participating in extracurricular events each year, many more grandparents, family members and friends get to support their students without the worry of a financial expense. All they have to do is call Central Office (210-407-0556) to sign up.

NEISD has a great community, and I am thankful for all the support.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you around the District.


Sean Maika, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools





Posted by Kristina Perez
Posted on Feb. 28, 2020