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NEISD’s Administrative Training Program develops tomorrow’s leaders

Assistant Principal Nicole Reich is in a unique position. Each week she splits her time between Jackson-Keller and Bulverde Creek Elementary School while embracing the exciting demands and projects that come with North East ISD’s Administrative Training Program.

The District is committed to developing the next generation of leaders, and that starts with the current batch of educators. Reich is one of 18 aspiring leaders in this year’s class of interns. Since starting the one-year program in August, she’s been immersed in learning the responsibilities of key individuals, departments and resources in the District while nurturing her own leadership skills.

“It really builds leadership by introducing you to a lot of the departments that make the District well,” said Reich. “You get insight on how they work and who’s in charge. It also gives you a ton of information and answers your questions and later on if something comes up you know exactly who to reach out to. 

The interns meet multiple times each month to discuss a wide variety of topics from budgeting, administrative leadership, data analysis, curriculum and more. The group also hears from the leaders of District departments who support educators on every campus.  

“It’s really helped give me confidence in this position and self-esteem because I know I’m prepared for whatever comes next,” said Reich. “It’s also building a supportive network within our District and our cohort.” 

Members of the Administrative Training Program enter ready to learn and leave prepared to lead. It’s part of the District’s commitment to providing an immersive path to professional development and new opportunities.

“If you would have asked me a year ago if I thought I’d be in this position, I would have said no,” said Reich. “I know this is where I’m meant to be.”

For more information on the Administrative Training Program, contact Kellie Mabry at 210-407-0369 or

NEISD’s Administrative Training Program develops tomorrow’s leaders

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 2-24-20