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Dr. Gottardy is honored at special board meeting

Retiring Superintendent of North East ISD, Dr. Brian G. Gottardy was honored and recognized at the special board meeting held on Wednesday, June 12.

Colonel Robert Henson, along with the JROTC instructor staff, recognized and presented a sword to the exiting superintendent as a token of their appreciation. They honored Dr. Gottardy for his service to the District and for his support of the JROTC program.

“The sword is an instrument used by leaders for directing and pointing military personnel in the direction of concern,” said Henson. “It represents leading and directing which leads back beyond the civil war years.”

A separate certificate of official recognition was also presented by Board President Shannon Grona on behalf of Texas Governor Greg Abbot on his well-deserved retirement after 34 years of service in public education.

Finally, Dr. Gottardy was named recipient of the University Council of Educational Administrations Excellence in Educational Leadership Award. This award is given to outstanding school leadership practitioners who have made significant contributions to the improvements of leadership preparation

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