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Johnson student Kara Culp featured on KSAT12 as "Great Graduate"

Kara Culp graduated from Johnson High School on Saturday, June 8, with an incredible accomplishment under her belt. She’s one of the very few students who can say they attended school every single day of their elementary, middle and high school careers. Kara set a goal to have perfect attendance early on, and she achieved that and so much more during her time at North East ISD.


Kara was recently featured as a KSAT 12 "Great Graduate" to highlight all of her hard work and accolades that she's received over the years.


“I am so proud and happy that all of my hard work paid off and was worthwhile,” said Culp. “I set a goal and I am so happy that I achieved it. It was worth all the work.”


Culp is passionate about her education, the arts and giving back to the community. She was accepted to two major universities but is still unsure of where her future will lead her. Culp is certain about one thing, she knows she wants to major in history and aspires to teach overseas.


“I am really grateful for all the opportunities that each school at North East ISD provided to me,” said Culp. “Each of the five schools I attended provided so much opportunity and just really excellent teachers.”  

Kara and her parents   kara and her art