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NEISD recognizes Surita Wyatt Scholarship winners

“It’s an amazing experience with the big check and everything, it’s so cool,” said Xiangyu Shen, Surita Wyatt Scholarship recipient. 

Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and Rice University are a few of the schools on the shortlist for senior Xiangyu Shen. He’ll graduate from the Engineering & Technologies Academy (ETA) at Roosevelt High School in a few short weeks. On Monday, April 15, with his father by his side, Shen found out he was the overall winner and recipient of the Surita Wyatt Scholarship worth $1,500. 

“I appreciate it a lot,” said Shen. “It’s such enormous help, especially because not all of the schools I’m looking at currently I’ll be able to afford completely. I’d have to take out loans, so getting the scholarship actually means a lot. You’d think in the grand scheme of things $1,500 isn’t a lot but it actually matters so much.”

This scholarship is offered to NEISD seniors who have completed or are actively taking one or more Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. Recipients were determined by the North East ISD Career and Technical Education Business & Industry Council. 

Overall Winner ($1,500)

  • Roosevelt (ETA):  Xiangyu Shen 

Scholarship Winners ($750)

  • ACE:  Rhaimie Ramirez
  • Churchill:  Isabel N. Patacsil
  • LEE (STEM):  Jessica Alvarez
  • Johnson:  Kate Coleman
  • MacArthur:  Sydney Blakely
  • Madison (AMP):  Haleigh Carlile
  • Reagan:  Alejandro Cantu Soto
  • Roosevelt (ETA):  Ayaan Momin

*Additional photos will be added as they become available 

Roosevelt ETA winner Xiangyu Shen

Engineering & Technologies (ETA) at Roosevelt High School - Xiangyu Shen (Overall Winner) 

Roosevelt (ETA) winner Ayaan Momin

Engineering & Technologies (ETA) at Roosevelt High School - Ayaan Momin

Kate Coleman of Johnson HS

Johnson High School - Kate Coleman 

MacArthur Suritta Wyatt Scholarship recipient

MacArthur High School - Sydney Blakely

Haleigh Carlile of Madison AMP

Madison High School (AMP) - Haleigh Carlile

ACE Surita Wyatt recipient 2019

Academy of Creative Education (ACE) - Rhaimie Ramirez

Churchill's Surita Wyatt recipient

Churchill High School - Isabel Patacsil

Reagan's scholarship winner

Reagan High School - Alejandro Cantu Soto

Jessica Alvarez from LEE HS

LEE High School - Jessica Alvarez 

Posted on 4-15-19