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MacTEACH gives back with bear baskets

The MacTEACH peer tutoring and outreach program at MacArthur High School is giving back to students in need. MacTEACH students are creating bear baskets for MacArthur’s elementary feeder schools. The bear baskets are meant to comfort children experiencing physical, emotional and other issues. Each basket contains a stuffed teddy bear, books, puzzles, games, coloring books, crayons, markers, pencils, activity items, journals and other goodies. 

“Because MacTEACH supports all students, and those oppressed, we keep at our forefront our greatest assets – our young children,” said Steve Davidson, MacTEACH coordinator. “It’s imperative we do more than simply realize unfortunate things happen to our children. We must come to their immediate aid at those levels best suited to our capacities.”

This is also an opportunity for MacTEACH students to make an impact by delivering the bear baskets. MacArthur senior and project co-leader Alyssa Ramirez says this is an opportunity to be part of something bigger than herself.

“To know I was part of a process that has the possibility of impacting even one child is amazing to consider,” said Ramirez.

MacTEACH students assemble bear baskets  MacTEACH students with bear baskets

Posted on 11-1-18