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NEISD School Choice application process

Welcome to North East ISD. We offer a variety of programs and services designed to meet the unique needs of students and their families, to include the School Choice program. Under School Choice, parents/guardians can request that their child be transferred to another school within the District other than the one serving their residence. For any new student enrolling in NEISD for kindergarten through 12th grade, the window for School Choice will be open for five (5) school business days from the student’s verified enrollment date.

A new student is defined as any student enrolling in North East ISD for the first time or any student returning to NEISD after being out of the District for more than 1 (one) full year, but who was not out of the District for disciplinary purposes or to avoid a disciplinary assignment.

Once you have enrolled on the campus that you are zoned to attend based on your home address, you may access the link to begin the School Choice application process. Please note that no student is guaranteed a transfer via School Choice and some campuses/grade levels may be unavailable contingent upon current enrollment, campus capacity, and/or staffing levels. We look forward to serving you!

Click here for School Choice Application Link