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#BeThe1To reach out during Suicide Prevention Month

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide isn’t an easy topic. It’s not an easy conversation to have with students, but it’s something that North East ISD Student Teacher Assistance Network (STAN) counselors often deal with.

Julie Magadance is a STAN Counselor at Garner and Harris middle schools. Her job is dedicated to helping students socially and emotionally navigate difficult and complex situations. She believes a simple check-in and open line of communication can make all the difference for someone who’s struggling. The #BeThe1To Campaign encourages everyone to be the person to speak up and reach out to friends and family.

“It is important to know that lots of people think about suicide as a fleeting thought or something that briefly crosses their mind,” said Magadance. “It is the cycle of moving through the stages from thinking about it to planning it to acting on it that we are trying to interrupt with our participation in the #BeThe1To campaign.”

The #BeThe1To campaign lists five steps for communicating with someone who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts.

  • Ask
  • Be There
  • Keep Them Safe
  • Help Them Connect
  • Follow Up

Be the one to ask if someone is okay. Be the one to alert a STAN counselor if a friend needs help. And if you need something, be the one to ask for help.

Click here to learn more about the #BeThe1To campaign.

Posted by NEISD Communications
Posted on 9-1-21