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Administrative Costs

The official standard used by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for Schools FIRST calculates Administrative Cost Ratio by dividing Administrative Costs (Instructional Leadership plus General Administration) by Instructional Costs (Instruction and Instructional Services plus Guidance and Counseling). 

TEA sets standards for districts based on the district’s enrollment.  NEISD’s administrative cost ratio consistently ranks in the top 3% statewide. 

State Standard:

All Years: 11.05%

NEISD Historical Administrative Cost Ratios:

2015-2016: 5.20%
2016-2017: 5.51%
2017-2018: 5.68%
2018-2019: 5.51%
2019-2020: 5.33%
2020-2021: 5.60%
2021-2022: 5.64%

NEISD Estimated Administrative Cost Ratios:
(Based on Board-approved budgets)

2022-2023: 5.10%