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Jump like a jackrabbit, code like bee

Giggles and gasps fill the library at Jackson-Keller Elementary School as second-grade students get hands-on while learning how to code robots.

“This is so cool!”

“He’s so cute!”

“What does this button do?”

The students could barely contain themselves as Librarian Nicole Meneses passed out the bee-shaped robots and explained the task ahead of them.

“They need to get the BeeBot to follow a path. It’s directional coding, which is a good foundation,” said Meneses. “Coding teaches kids thinking skills, problem-solving skills and perseverance. They also learn how to play well with others.”

Teams of two had to pay close attention to make their BeeBots work correctly and follow the path set before them.  The students celebrated their successes when their codes worked on the first try. But they also celebrated their failures—giggling when the robot wouldn’t cooperate and more determined to make it work on the second try.

“This is going to help them with everything,” said Meneses. “It helps them solve math problems. It helps them in life to not give up. Plus, these kids are enjoying learning. I love every time my kids can get their hands on technology.”

This week, students all over North East ISD are taking part in the Hour of Code, an introduction to computer science showing students that anybody can learn the basics of computer code.

To learn more about Hour of Code, click here.

Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 12/9/2021