Degrees and Certifications:

BBA St.Marys University/UTSA and Region 20 Mathematics 4th-8th grade Inclusive Campus 1st - 8th grade Special Education K - 12th grade

Ms. Catherine Dickey

     Hello, Hola, Hej, Yeoboseyo, Privet, Ciao, hujambo!   Whew, let me know if I missed one you know/like.  They all mean Hello; can you guess which one is Danish?  That is where my family is from; if you're danish too and speak it, please let me know.  I don't have anyone to practice with in the United States anymore, and I'd really like to.  (If you speak a language other than English, what do you speak?)
     When we are allowed to travel again to Denmark, we will be on the first plane!...missed out this past summer.  However, as everyone else had to, I spent time doing things I enjoy, like convertable rides with my daughter and the many cold drink choices for the ride, glamping (getting too old for the tent thing), playing the piano (not that I have time to learn a lot of new songs; drives the fam. crazy); sorry, not sorry! ; ) and learning!  Yes, I am also a student at Texas A&M University- San Antonio on-line learning my masters. I also shoot hoops (if you want to call it that...ugh) with my ever patient son who is actually very good at basketball.  He must really love me to put up with that!
     So, yes, I have two children, Erik (20) and Kirsten (16).  They are both going to be Sophomores; one in college, one in high school.  I also have a very caring husband and hit the lotto in the in-law department.  I am truly blessed for the family I do have in the states.
     After 20 years of teaching middle school math (6th - 9th grade general, honors, and G.T., as well as the Specials Math classes), I can assure you I am committed to your experience in math being both positive and excellent; I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, but if you don't; remember, you don't have to love it to learn it and be good at it!  It takes your commitment to practice, your patience with mistakes (how we learn), asking questions, and adding value to the conversation; you can remind your classmates of math skills from your experiences and the way you word it turns on the bulb, ya know?  I need you.  Math can be taught so many different ways, so if I don't reach you the first time or even the second, keep on asking.  We'll get there.  It's worth it and it matters because you matter.                           

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    Period 1   (8:30 - 9:35)    R-8th

    Period 3   (9:40 - 10:45)  R-7th

    Period 5   (10:50 - 11:55)  Math 7th

    Lunch       (12:00 - 12:40)

    Period 7   (12:45 - 1:50)  Conference


     Period 2    (8:30 - 9:35)   R-6th

    Period 4    (9:40 - 10:45)   Math 7th

    Period 6    (10:50 - 11:55)  Math 7th

    Lunch        (12:00 - 12:40) 

    Period 8    (12:45 - 1:50)   Math 7th