Degrees and Certifications:

M.Ed. Administration/School Leadership Texas A&M - San Antonio BBA St.Marys University Education Region 20/U.T.S.A. Mathematics 4th-8th grade Inclusive Campus 1st - 8th grade Special Education K - 12th grade

Ms. Catherine Dickey

     Welcome back!

         I am very happy to be at Jackson-Keller Elementary and look forward to a great year ahead as the Math Instructional Coach for our campus.   This is a commitment  to serve and assist with mathematics instruction for our teachers and students. 

         I have 21 years in education, having taught Middle School Mathematics from 6th grade math to 9th grade math (Honors Algebra), and the many diverse groups of students within, as well as my  first year now in Elementary (2022-2023).  I have taught at Sylvan Learning Centers, while off on a bit of a hiatus from teaching, to raise my two children (Erik and Kirsten), who are now adults. How time flies.  We enjoy playing games together and enjoy spending time with extended family; my husband's, here in Texas, and mine, in Denmark. I do enjoy reading, though these days it is primarily regarding brain research in education, and then piano, gardening, and driving the countryside : )

          Thank you for entrusting your sweet children to us.  I am still getting to know many of them and the things they enjoy. (I'm sure it's math, of course, 'cause who doesn't like a good math problem?) In all seriousness, there are games, such as Tower of Hanoi, Sequence, Master Mind, woodoku, etc. that make for good problem solving, social awareness, and family time!  I hope you are able to enjoy some of these great brain exercises together.

          Let's have a wonderful year!

          Ms. Catherine Dickey (Ms. D.)

My Schedule of Classes

  • 7:30 am -  8:50 am: Math Lab (tutoring)

    Day: Math Coaching, Interventions, Enrichment Rotations, Presentations, etc. 

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