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Classified Employees Retirement

Thinking about Retirement? Retirement Steps

For classified employees deciding to retire, please print the checklist and read the following payroll information:

  1. Employee would need contact TRS to discuss Retirement Options and choose Retirement Date.
  2. Employee would need to log in to the Lawson Employee Center and submit their Retirement/Resignation Request. The request needs to be approved by your supervisor and then your request is processed by Human Resources (HR). If you have questions on how to complete this step, you would need to contact HR at (210) 407-0188. Once HR has that information (ie- chosen retirement date and last day scheduled to work), they update your file and then the information is routed to Payroll.
  3. Your retirement payout will follow the normal biweekly pay schedule.
  4. If you are eligible for a Leave payout of your unused leave, it will be paid on the check after your last salary check is paid. The leave payout does not affect your TRS annuity payments.
  5. Please make note that your paychecks will go Direct Deposit in the current banking institution Payroll has on file for you. If that information changes, please contact Payroll immediately.
  6. Overuse of your earned Local Sick or State Personal leave will affect your final check/salary (IF APPLICABLE).
  7. If you have questions regarding your NEISD benefits or supplemental retirement accounts (403(b)/457(b)/457(b)Roth), contact the Employee Benefits Department at 210-407-0187.
    Payroll does not have the information to answer questions related to employee benefits or supplemental retirement accounts.
  8. Retirement Certification (formally TRS7 form): The Retirement Certification is now completed electronically by NEISD once TRS submits the certification to our TRS portal. It is no longer a physical form that is completed. TRS typically submits to the NEISD portal on/around your established retirement date. The certification will be completed by NEISD within 10 days after your last TRS compensable check has been paid. The final reports that TS needs to calculate your payments will be submitted by NEISD the month after your last TRS compensable check is paid.
  9. Your current year W2 will be mailed to the last address we have on file for you. Please make sure the Human Resources department has your most current address on file. Not having a current address on file with the district may cause a delay in you receiving your W2.

For more information, contact Human ResourcesPayroll, or Employee Benefits.

Leave Payout Information

Board Policy DEC(LOCAL) provides information regarding payment for unused leave upon separation. The Policy states on page 10:

Upon resignation from the District, an employee who both (a) has ten consecutive years of NEISD employment immediately preceding the effective date of his or her resignation, and (b) is eligible to receive benefits from TRS shall be entitled to reimbursement for any unused local and state personal or sick leave earned in the District. For purposes of this policy provision, a year of NEISD employment means completion of a full school year, rather than a TRS year of service credit.

Leave is paid out at this rate:

State Sick, Local Sick and State Personal Leave earned prior to 7/1/2005:

  • First 80 days: 1/2 of employee’s daily rate of pay at time of resignation up to $40/day max 
  • After 80 days: 1/4 of employee’s daily rate of pay at time of resignation up to $20/day max

Local Sick and State Personal Leave earned on or after 7/1/2005:

  • First 80 days: 1/2 of employee’s daily rate of pay at time of resignation up to $75/day max 
  • After 80 days: 1/4 of employee’s daily rate of pay at time of resignation up to $65/day max