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Madison JROTC welcomes Army Fitness Team

cadet doing push up

On Feb. 15, the Madison High School Army JROTC cadets sweated it out on the circuit obstacle course provided by the Army Fitness Team. It was an individual event created to push each cadet to maximum fatigue. The course included battle ropes, medicine ball lunges, a weight pull, pull-ups, and of course, push-ups. 

The challenging event was timed and the cadets competed to have the fastest time. Some of the cadets completed the course multiple times in an attempt to improve their scores. Cadets Sara Gibb and Michael James tied the winning time at 1 minute and 12 seconds. “The course really helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses all while having a great time,” said Cadet Dylan Romero. This was such a successful event that the Madison JROTC cadets have already requested the Army Fitness Team come back to do it again.