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What if my child is bullied on the school bus?

The school bus is an extension of the classroom and just as expected in the schools, each student is required to respect the personal and property rights of others while riding the school bus during his/her daily route to and from school and home or curricular/extra-curricular activity fieldtrips. "Bullying" is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at any time in order to maintain proper order for safe operations of the bus.

Expected conduct and orderly demeanor of students are outlined in the respective Elementary/Secondary handbooks under SCHOOL BUS STANDARDS OF SAFETY AND CONDUCT, "Rights and Responsibilities of the Student" and "Conduct on the Bus" which are not all inclusive (based also on level/severity of the infraction/related matters). Any suspicion of or indication of an actual event of "Bullying" on the bus should be immediately reported to the driver, driver's supervisor as indicated below and/or to the respective school administration. Proven "Bullying" (results of a formal investigation) will cause immediate removal from the bus. Time off the bus will be determined by the appropriate District official based on applicable District guidelines.

Please use the following points of contact to report any "Bullying" on the bus. The report should be made using the applicable bus number the student(s) rides and his/her school of attendance.

  1. BAC Supervisors - Phone: 491-9980 / 9749 (12002 Jones-Maltsberger)
    • Regular Buses: 001-016; 061-082; 129-138; 161-178; 508-515; 595-596
    • Special Needs Buses: 319; 323; 329; 401-413; 439-444; 452-458
  2. Central Supervisors - Phone: 356-9226 / 9227 (10333 Broadway)
    • Regular Buses: 083-118; 139-146; 218-229; 271-299; 500-507
    • Special Needs Buses: 310-318; 324-328; 332; 394; 414-422; 428; 434-436; 438; 459-463
  3. North Supervisors - Phone: 356-9002 / 9003 (24000 Hwy 281)
    • Regular Buses: 017-060; 119-128; 148-160; 190-215; 516-521; 590-594
    • Special Needs Buses: 300-309; 320-322; 330-331; 398-400; 445-451

There is a surveillance system used in each route bus to promote safety and to investigate school bus related incidents. Additionally, our driver personnel are trained to detect and report student misbehavior and misconduct on the bus. With timely reporting of any perceived or actual event that could be considered as "Bullying," it can be corrected and/or stopped before a situation escalates. Also, a major "Bullying" issue could be resolved with immediate, appropriate corrective and stringent measures through the diligent work of the parent, school administration, Transportation Department personnel and Central Office staff, where applicable.