Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lupe M. Ybarra

 Hello, my name is Lupe M. Ybarra and I am the Family Specialist at Encino Park and Coker Elementary.  I have a Masters Degree from Our Lady of the Lake University and have worked with families in different settings for the past 25 years.  As an NEISD Family Specialist I am able to provide support and services  to students and their families.  I also facilitate and conduct parent training and education classes on school campus and virtuallly know as FELA.   (i.e., Family Engagement Leadership Academy, FELA).  I am excited to work with you this school year and look forward to meeting you. 

What is a Family Specialist?

The NEISD Family Specialist provides support and services for students and their families, creating a true connection between home life, school life, and community life.

In collaboration with school staff, the Family Specialist provides families with information from the district, community agencies, city and state institutions, and any other organizations that might benefit those with specific needs.

The Family Specialist also facilitates and conducts parent education classes, (i.e., Family Engagement Leadership Academy), helps students and families reach maximum educational benefits, and assists those who are in emotional of financial crisis.

The Family Specialist has a knowledge of a wide range of social services that are available to meet the diverse cultural and economic needs of our students and their families.

Contact Me

  • Office Hours:
    Monday, Wednesday - Friday: Coker Elementary
    Tuesday: Encino Park Elementary


    Phone: 210.407.2237