NESA Logo The North East School of the Arts is a gifted and talented program in the arts, structured as a magnet program on the campus of LEE High School.  NESA provides a rigorous academic environment, with a sequential, customized curriculum designed to encourage artistic excellence, integration with multiple arts disciplines, and authentic assessment.  NESA students study daily with our unique staff of professional educators who are also working artists with significant training and experience in their individual disciplines.  NESA students also participate in master classes and seminars with professional artists, and have multiple opportunities to showcase their talents.

    NESA consists of seven unique majors to make one top notch Fine Arts Magent program in the North East Independent School District. These majors are Cinema, Creative Writing, Dance, Instrumental music, Musical Theater, Technical Theater, and Visual Arts. 

    New parents and students should know that pARTners is the parent support group for NESA. This group provides support for the NESA program through their many hours of dedication and service to the LEE/NESA community.

    If you would like to become a part of this group, please call the NESA office at (210) 356-1033.

    Go to the NESA home page https://www.neisd.net/nesa

    Contact Us

     Lenida Spurlock

    NESA Program Director

    Office: 210-356-1034

    email:  lspurl@neisd.net


    Ana Muñoz

    (For questions relating to registration and applications)

    NESA Administrative Assistant 

    Office: 210-356-1033

    email:  amunoz2@neisd.net


NESA Majors